Errecé, Aplicaciones Industriales del Láser, S.L.



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Main value chain Tier 2
Auxiliary value chain
Company description

Errecé came into being as the natural evolution of a small family business which, for decades, had been dedicated to the manufacture of agricultural machinery at a national scale. Following a significant investment in technology, the company became a major supplier to the automotive industry, while also achieving a consolidated position in other sectors. Nowadays the company works as a supplier to the major auto manufacturers and develops their own products which are exported to international markets from their technical and innovation departments.

Products and services

Module or function

  • Door module
  • Engine
  • Exhaust and manifold
  • Roof
Errece manufactures complete metal assemblies using laser cutting technologies (both sheet and tube), CNC bending, TIG-MIG welding (manual and robotic), CNC rod shaping, CNC machining (lathes and machining centres) and epoxy coatings. They offer the finished product according to customer specifications, from prototyping through to mass production. Currently, the company is participating in two national-scale innovation projects in the renewable energy sector.

Auxiliary services

  • Logistics and transport
  • Process outsourcing
- The service supplied by Errecé generally starts with laser cutting of metal sheets and tubes. Subsequently, they incorporate different mechanical operations such as bending, shaping and welding, to achieve the specifications required by the customer.
- Errecé also has their own transport service.
Processes and technologies
  • Assembly
  • Joining processes
  • Metal shaping
  • Surface treatments and finishes
5 laser cutting machines, 1 CNC bending machine, 3 CNC lathes, 2 CNC machining centres, 2 CNC rod shaping machines, 1 welding robot and 1 epoxy coating shop.

Main customers

Borgwarner and Lear Corporation.

Address and phone

Ctra Santiago-Santa Comba Km. 5
15898 Aradas (Santiago de Compostela)
Phone: 981 585 620
Fax: 981 560 925

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