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Auxiliary value chain
Company description

Cromados Estévez is a company with more than 45 years of experience in the galvanic sector. It is specialized in the anticorrosion protection of metal surfaces through the application of metallic and organic coatings such as: zinc and its alloys, industrial hard chrome, powder paint (lacquer) and Autoforesis Aquence®.

They carry out the study, design, establishment and management of treatment plants to serve their customers, with direct participation in all areas.

Products and services

Auxiliary services

  • Automation and robotics
  • Machinery and small integrated lines
  • Process outsourcing
Anticorrosion treatment and coating for metal surfaces. Metal, organic and duplex coatings. Zinc nickel of high anticorrosive power, industrial hard chrome and electrolytic zinc plating with high coverage. Organic coating processes such as electrostatic powder and Autoforesis Aquence painting.
Other services:
Taking into account the client’s activity, product range and production requirements, this company invests in its own in situ treatment lines.
They take part at all stages:
- Project design
- Coordination with suppliers
- Installation of facilities
- Management and use of treatment lines
- Control means
Processes and technologies
  • Other technologies
  • Surface treatments and finishes
1 alkaline zinc line (up to 6m of length)
1 acid zinc line
2 electrostatic powder painting lines
1 industrial hard chrome line
1 Autoforesis Aquence® line

Main customers

GKN Driveline, Trelleborg Automotive, Casple, Aludec Stamping, Grupo Antolín, etc.

Address and phone

Polígono Industrial O CEAO c/Transportes 1
27003 Lugo
Phone: 982 207 024
Fax: 982 207 273

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