Construcciones Mecánicas de Galicia, S.L. (Comegal)



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Auxiliary value chain
Company description

Comegal was created in 1998.Their main assets are the experience and expertise of their staff who, thanks to continuous investments, are able to meet the requirements – primarily in the automobile sector – with regard to the design and construction of small assembly and handling posts, and dies for forming, stamping, embossing and milling components. The design, construction and commissioning of dies, especially fine tooling for visible components, are the specialty of Comegal.

Products and services

Auxiliary services

  • Die-stamping and tools
Tools, moulds, dies (for visible components and manufacture of trim inserts and badges.
Design, and in commissioning of fine cutting machinery for decorative and visible components; prototypes and models.
Processes and technologies
  • Metal shaping
  • Other technologies
Design, grinding and erosion machining, rectification, assembly and commissioning.

Main customers

Aludec Group, GKN Driveline Vigo, Televés S.A., Mecanizados Atlántida S.L.and Crown Embalajes España

Address and phone

Bajada a la Gándara nº8, Coruxo
36330 Vigo
Phone: 986 238 923
Fax: 986 231 845

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