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CETEC (Copo Group Technology Centre) works in R&D (both processes and products), technological surveillance and the manufacture of moulds, machinery and plant as required by the Group. One of its main tasks is to search for new formulations with new raw materials for the continuous improvement of comfort in vehicle seating. They work closely with their clients´ engineering departments. They also contribute to the production and realization of developments in the various products across the four divisions of the Group. They are currently undertaking a development project in which they are producing the foam and EPPs and the covers, as well as the assembly of the complete seat unit.

Products and services

Module or function

  • Seats
Short production runs of any type of foam filling, including technical foams for acoustic and / or thermal insulation. Latest innovations in seating foams: TECHNOFLEX, notably increases comfort, even in thinner sections; INALCO, a foam which is incorporated into the cover, eliminating the need for bonding between the filler and the fabric, improving comfort and providing an economic improvement.

Auxiliary services

  • Die-stamping and tools
  • Engineering
  • Machinery and small integrated lines
  • Maintenance and services
  • Process outsourcing
  • Technological centres
- Manufacture of moulded foam moulds for the various technologies (cold and hot foam and INALCO), EPP / EPS moulds, machinery for fatigue testing, control and / or poka-yokes.
- Technological assistance in the moulding processes both in development of lines and to find improvement solutions. Example: rigidification study of metal structures using foam injection, allowing the reduction of the thickness of metal used, reducing metal consumption and final weight whilst maintaining rigidity and performance. Furthermore, the company possesses various routing stations. These are used in the production of moulds as well as for making shaped foam prototypes for internal use and external clients.
Processes and technologies
  • Other technologies
Improvements in the foam filler manufacturing processes for vehicle seats by using innovative chemical formulations. Research and development of new production processes based on the strategic lines of OEMs (weight and cost reduction, improvements in comfort). Mechanized lines for the production of tools and prototype parts. Prototype factory for foam moulding.

Main customers

Copo Group.

Address and phone

Estrada Puxeiros - Mos nº45, Tameiga
36416 Mos
Phone: 986 810 519
Fax: 986 810 504

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