Borgwarner Emissions Systems Spain, S.L.



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Main value chain Tier 1
Company description

The company started its activity in 1967 with the development and manufacture of automotive parts. In 2001 it became part of the Italian multinational Dytech, as part of its Fluid Technologies Division. It kept the Dytech Ensa name until 2010 when it became part of the BorgWarner Group.

Products and services

Module or function

  • Engine
  • Filler pipe
This company manufactures: EGR modules, EGR coolers and tubing, fuel rails, fuel injectors and carbon steel and stainless steel parts.
Processes and technologies
  • Assembly
  • Joining processes
  • Metal shaping
The company has numerous production plants including, by way of example: ends shaping machinery, CNC bending machines, specialist machinery, stainless steel furnaces, TIG welding robots, leak control equipment, bellows manufacturing facilities (Hydroforming), automatic production lines, MIG welding, etc.

Main customers

Renault-Nissan, Ford, Volkswagen, General Motors (Opel/Saab), Suzuki, Iveco, Daimler Chrysler, Stellantis.

Address and phone

Crta. Zamanes, 20
36315 Vigo
Phone: 986 468 302
Fax: 986 468 003

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