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Auxiliary value chain
Company description

Industrial components distribution company, active in the following areas: hydraulics, pneumatics, mechatronics and environment. As well as distribution, the company works on the design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of equipment related to their activity. They also specialize in the design and construction of refrigeration panels for welding guns. They supplied the Stellantis Vigo plant for the launch of the B78, among other things.

Products and services

Auxiliary services

  • Engineering
  • Machinery and small integrated lines
  • Maintenance and services
Technical description of the service design, construction, set up and maintenance of:
- Hydraulics, oleo-hydraulics and pneumatics, tailor-made according to the needs of the client.
- Low consumption ”ECO” hydraulics groups.
Processes and technologies
  • Other technologies
Since the company started working in Spain in February 2009, Bibus Spain has worked in the development of machinery and subsystems for OEMs with integrated hydraulics, pneumatics, mechatronics and environment technologies. Among the machinery manufactured by Bibus, the following are highlighted: oleo-hydraulic machinery and controllers, lubrication and oil recirculation machinery, pumping machinery for a variety of fluids, fluid dosing systems, pneumatic control and power machinery, vacuum machinery, refrigeration panels for welding guns, etc.

Main customers

Stellantis, GKN, Bühler, Maxam, etc.

Address and phone

Parque Empresarial Porto do Molle Rúa do Arroncal, Vial C Nave 4A
36350 Nigrán
Phone: 986 247 286
Fax: 986 209 247

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