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Main value chain Tier 2
Auxiliary value chain
Company description

Company dedicated to engineering in the field of Industry 4.0.

  • Development of a complete and patented Augmented, Virtual and Extended Reality (AR, VR, XR) device for quality control, maintenance and training with integrated hardware and software (Vax3D).
  • Development of complete logistics solutions with implementation of autonomous ARM with modular multiplatform.
  • Development of a platform for the virtualization of machines with complete remote interaction and ‘machine learning’ for their adjustment and / or maintenance.
Products and services
- All-in-one AR / VR / XR device (Vax3D) with a totally versatile and universal world patent for quality control, maintenance and training. The device uses the smartphone as an image projector and in addition to the pre-programmed software it has sensorization hardware for biocontrol, hand-tracking, eye-tracking, voicecontrol, etc.
- Universal and autonomous drone controlled by the Vax3D device to assist companies in inspection, measurement, safety and interaction tasks.
- Modular platform to host, analyze and interact with any 4.0 machine allowing complete interaction, KPI control, self-adjustments and machine learning.

Auxiliary services

  • Automation and robotics
  • Diverse
  • Engineering
  • Logistics and transport
  • Maintenance and services
- Extended reality for training.
- Extended reality for maintenance.
- Extended reality for quality control.
- Machine virtualization including digital twin, 'machine learning', and so on.
- Universal drone for maintenance or inspections in plants or outdoors.
- Complete scalable internal logistics system with universal AGV / ARM that adds different lifting platforms for all internal plant logistics.
Processes and technologies
  • Assembly
  • Metal shaping
  • Other technologies
  • Plastic shaping
Engineering company with a plant specialized in the design and manufacture of 4.0 machines. The company is licensed by Catia, Solidworks and two professional Solidedge packages. It also has an electronic laboratory for equipment assembly and measurement. Within the Meifus group, the company has a materials supply warehouse, a machining workshop, an industrial computing section and an IATF serial manufacturing plant for metallic elements for the automotive sector.

Main customers

TI Automotive, Adhex Technologies, Lear Corporation.

Address and phone

Alcalde Segundo Pampillón 20
36419 Mos
Phone: 683 501 317

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