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Ancora adapts the digital transformation of Industry 4.0 to the human factor. Through its own technology, it enhances people’s capacities so that they can better perform their work and be the main source of competitiveness in the industry.

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  • Diverse
  • Engineering
Ancora provides a digitalization solution for manufacturing operations. Through a virtual exoskeleton, which consists of a suite of mobile applications, it connects workers in real time with the digital ecosystem of the smart factory to provide them with digital aids that enhance their competitiveness, performance and autonomy within the plant production.
Ancora Worker Connect focuses on providing a continuous connection between the worker and the planning and management systems, facilitating access to the digital information they need at all times and capturing data unattended throughout the manufacturing process. Ancora Worker Assist complements Worker Connect, providing additional digital aids.
Processes and technologies
  • Other technologies
Ancora is a technology company that offers a connected and assisted worker software solution. These technological capabilities are of the first level in various fields, which makes Ancora a potential technological partner in matters related to the use of mobile technologies in industry: this is the case of 5G technology, the use of smartphones in the industrial context, the customization of the Android operating system or various wireless technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth or NFC.
Ancora is also an expert in industry-oriented usability design, combining mobile devices, touch screens and voice to facilitate the relationship between the worker and digital systems in the factory.
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Area Portuaria de Bouzas s/n Edificio Consorcio Zona Franca de Vigo, Oficina C2
36208 Vigo
Phone: 665 658 647

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