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Auxiliary value chain
Company description

This company, which is part of Serveo Industria, guarantees the overall quality of all components that pass through their premises, thanks to their selection and parts recovery controls, ensuring traceability via automated data capture. Furthermore, they develop and conduct in-house assembly and parts prioritization, creating added value for their customers. These help improve the reliability of the final product quality and provide an important competitive advantage, particularly regarding transport optimization.

Products and services

Auxiliary services

  • Die-stamping and tools
  • Diverse
  • Engineering
  • Logistics and transport
This company closely supports its clients in the assembly plants of major manufacturers, with rapid response times to mitigate potential quality problems. It offers pre-assembly, quality control and outfitting services; this allow their clients to guarantee the packaging required for their deliveries and also allows large manufacturers to optimize space on their assembly line. They also develop the machinery and prototypes necessary to carry out these processes.
Processes and technologies
  • Assembly
  • Joining processes
  • Surface treatments and finishes
Serveo provides its customers with resident technicians who monitor potential complaints from the assembly line, establish criteria and provide palliative solutions via quality firewalls, selection and parts replacement. They also have an IT department which develops tailor-made solutions for their clients, guaranteeing the process traceability and security. These developments enable the company to produce real-time reports, allowing clients to understand the situation and to make the pertinent decisions. Other tools used include: e-catalogue, Amadeus system, etc.

Main customers

Stellantis, Saint-Gobain, Grupo Antolín, MCSyncro, Yazaki, Valeo, Pilkington, Delphi, Visteon, Constellium.

Address and phone

Avda. Citroën, Recinto Zona Franca Naves 2, 4 y 7
36210 Vigo
Phone: 986 290 100
Fax: 986 235 383

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