A este acto de clausura acudieron más de 150 personas.
9 July 2012

Last 6st July Friday, at 18 hours, at the Mar de Vigo Auditorium, the closing ceremony of the ”Management and Development of New Products” program organized by the CEAGA Corporate University took place.

During the event the diplomas were granted to the 35 students, in Vigo and Ourense group’s, enrolled in this second training program. In addition, during the academic session, there has been an exhibition of the seven innovative projects undertaken by students enrolled in the”Management and Development of New Products” program. These seven projects have been presented in individual stands where they showed the work done during the course. Thus, the closure has been framed in a show that celebrates innovation developed in the Galician Automotive Sector.

The closing ceremony had the participation of the UCC Director, Pedro Piñeiro and several important members of CEAGA Board such as: Luciano Martínez Covelo, Ignacio Contreras and Alberto Cominges.

Registration for the 3rd edition of the GDNP program will be opened from 16th July, this time with students from other sectors allowed to participate following the great demand of this program (83 professionals in the Sector were trained on leading topics in innovation and product development to date).

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