8 March 2018

The Galician Automotive Cluster (CEAGA), in collaboration with the University of Vigo, will organize sessions to promote digital transformation among the 116 companies of the Galician automotive sector. The conference will be held on 12 and 13 March at the School of Telecommunications Engineering of the Campus of Vigo.

In this way, CEAGA continues executing its strategic plan (P3CA), composed of 35 projects that constitute the sectorial roadmap to the changes that are approaching, such as Industry 4.0. In this sense, Juan Antonio Lloves, President of CEAGA, emphasizes that ”we must help companies to understand what Industry 4.0 is and to visualize the practical opportunities it offers in the short and medium term”.

The sessions will include the presentation of success stories from technology centers, companies (from SMEs to large companies) and the University of Vigo. In addition, companies in the sector will explain their relationship with the new companies born in the Business Factory Auto to provide industrial solutions 4.0.

Among the different topics that will be presented at the conference stand out: intelligent processes, integration of information systems, cybersecurity, autonomous logistic systems, artificial intelligence, digital quality management and agile simulation and experimentation, among others.

In addition, within the framework of these conferences, the 20 projects participating in the second edition of the Business Factory Auto (BFA) will present the innovations in a technological showroom at the School of Mining and Energy Engineering.

The act will be closed on Tuesday, March 13t, by the Director of Groupe PSA Vigo, Frédéric Puech; the President of CEAGA, Juan Antonio Lloves and the Director of Igape, Juan Cividanes, who will take stock of the topics discussed during the two days of sessions.