Imagen de uno de los paneles de experto sobre “Excelencia y alianzas estratégicas en las organizaciones cluster”.
31 October 2014

The Galician Automotive Cluster, CEAGA, participated, last October 20th and 21st in Brussels, at the fourth European Cluster Conference, organized by the European Commission´s Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General. This act was attended by representatives of 80 cluster organizations and more than 300 people.

The conference addressed the role of clusters in support of SME growth, industrial renewal and regional structural change and competitiveness.

This event, with such a large panel of European clusters, offered cluster managers a unique opportunity to explore possible common areas of interest for cooperation and identify potential complementarities in terms of technologies, services, value chain, and market focus for their SME members.

Moreover, the conference was also a perfect occasion to experiment cross-sectoral dialogues to explore potential synergies and cooperation, with more than 15 sectors represented, such as: automotive, energy, aerospace, pharma, cosmetics and creative industries, among others.

CEAGA, with the “Gold Label” excellence accreditation of clusters organizations, participated as speaker in one of the experts panel about “Strategic partnerships and excellence of cluster organizations”.