22 March 2018

CEAGA has launched, with the help of the Support Program for Innovative Business Groups of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, the initiative ”Sector Strategy Implementation Industry 4.0”. One of its phases is to help ten SMEs to review its situation regarding Industry 4.0 and, based on this, to prepare a Roadmap 4.0 to address or reinforce a digital transformation that leads them to meet objectives in terms of competitiveness, efficiency and productivity.

The methodology used in this process includes the following activities: to carry out the diagnosis, a survey was carried out of the participating companies, as well as a visit to its facilities. In addition, to develop Roadmap 4.0, a joint work session has been developed based on the areas of improvement identified.

The ultimate goal is to help companies and, in particular, SMEs in the Galician Automotive Sector to be able to generate greater industrial added value. Therefore, the program, which is framed in the third strategic plan of the Sector, has not only sought to assess the implementation of technology in participating SMEs, but also invite them to reflect on whether corporate values, organizational schemes or, especially, the way of managing the information are the ideal ones to face or consolidate the change of Industry 4.0.

In parallel to this initiative, CEAGA has developed a map of technological competences and enablers of Industry 4.0 in the Galician automotive sector, which will be made available to member companies.