4 October 2019

This morning, the conference for SME executives, ”The Supplier of the Future”, was held at the CEAGA facilities, with the aim of inviting reflection on the disruptive changes in the automotive sector.

The day was attended by the President of CEAGA and Global Manufacturing Engineering Director in GKN Driveline, Juan Lloves, the Treasurer of CEAGA and Director of the plant of Vigo in Denso Sistemas Térmicos España, Roberto Cavallo, and the Secretary of CEAGA, Alberto Cominges.

The meeting was organized with a double objective. On the one hand, Juan Lloves, Roberto Cavallo and Alberto Cominges transferred information on the trends of the Sector for the future and the possible effects it can cause from the point of view of their companies. On the other hand, the 46 SMEs of the auxiliary industry and components that participated in the meeting shared their strategies, needs and challenges with CEAGA, reflecting on how the tractor companies can support their suppliers.

The conference ”The Supplier of the Future” served as a starting point to launch a line of work specifically aimed at SMEs.

This meeting is framed in the “Executive Conferences 2019”, organized by CEAGA in order to promote the reflection and exchange of opinions and experiences and the identification of innovative solutions and approaches. The next days will be held on October 22, on ”The Factory of the Future”, and on November 27, on ”The Vehicle of the Future.”