26 May 2022

CEAGA organized this morning, in collaboration with the consulting firm Eosa, a workshop to promote collaborative projects within the framework of the Next Generation EU funds, which was held in the Pazo San Roque and was attended by more than 50 professionals from 46 companies in the Sector.

The objective of the meeting focused on detecting company projects and working on short-term solutions to be able to set up consortiums. This is, through technological demand and supply, companies with problems and suppliers with technological solutions, it was sought to generate projects to present themselves to future calls.

Based on the challenges that have been identified in the companies of the Cluster, through previous work, eight work tables have been organized. In addition, the event featured a presentation on “Smart Factory: levers of opportunity in the new scenario” by Alfonso Ganzabal, managing director of Sisteplant.

The workshop was opened by Alberto Cominges, manager of CEAGA; and Fernando Guldrís, director of Igape, who valued the good results obtained by the Cluster in the last call for AEIs, with a 100% success rate in participation, involving 18 companies, which are executing five projects that mobilize, altogether, more than 1 million euros to carry out initiatives related to cybersecurity, energy efficiency, maintenance 4.0, immersive training and additive manufacturing.

This workshop is supported by Igape, within the framework of the “Obradoiros á dixitalización Industria 4.0” grant.