Directores Generales, junto a la experta mundial en Lean Manufacturing, Deborah Nightingale, en el Centro de Vigo de PSA Peugeot Citroën.
29 September 2010

Last September 23rd the Cluster started an initiative to continue promoting the implantation of Lean Manufacturing in the Sector companies. In this occasion they were the General Managers of the participants in the ”Lean Experts Network” who could verify how the Lean system is implanted in PSA Vigo.

In this visit the Directors of the 10 components companies, observed a presentation of the Lean Deployment Plan in the Center, and moreover they were present at the daily meeting of production that is celebrated in the factory of Vigo.

As a closing session and coinciding with the visit to Vigo of Deborah Nightingale, global expert in Lean Manufacturing and Co-director of Lean Advancement Initiative (Technological Institute of Massachusetts), the participants attended the specialized presentation ”Roadmap for Enterprise Transformation” carried out by this American expert.

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