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20 October 2008

After the meeting carried out by representatives of CEAGA last October 16th with the Regional Minister of Labour, Ricardo Varela, CEAGA has been called to participate in a Galician Automotive Sector Forum. In this space there will be representatives of the automotive companies, the unions, as well as members of the Regional Ministries of Labour and of Industry and Innovation.

The aim will be to jointly analyze the effects of the financial crisis in the Automotive Sector, as well as to propose tools to overcome it as soon as possible.

Antonio Vega, President of CEAGA, has declared himself on the expected results from this initiative: ”That the Sector finds the formula to face the situation of the fall of sales in the best possible way and as soon as possible, proposing from the Forum itself to the companies and to the unions, new flexibility tools. We want to construct and to propose measures that make us confront successfully a crisis that is not ours, and that as I was saying before, it will pass. Neither we must forget that the economic behaviours are cyclical and after passing this crisis, necessarily another will come and the experiences and formulas that we have developed to face the current one, will help us to confront the following ones with major guarantee of success. ”

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