23 May 2018

The Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness presented yesterday, in Madrid, the quality seal ”Bond Spain Cluster”, which identifies innovative business groups, promoting its national and international recognition, as well as the excellence of its activities.

On behalf of the Ministry, Begoña Cristeto, General Secretary of Industry and of the SME participated in this event; Mario Buisán, General Director of Industry and of the SME; and Fernando Valdés, Deputy Director General of Industry and of the SME. In addition, presented its success stories: CEAGA, the Cluster Functional Print and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies.

In his presentation Alberto Cominges, CEAGA Manager, stressed that ”clusters are levers to boost competitiveness and innovation. Its agglutinating companies, especially SMEs, with a huge capacity of traction on regional economies. For CEAGA is essential to make pedagogy of what really is a cluster and what are its functions, so that society, companies, and especially SMEs, know the benefits and advantages its bring”.

During her speech, Begoña Cristeto affirmed that the Ministry is committed to promoting in Spain a real industrial policy based on clusters and innovative business groups, since are very dynamic organizations that bring together big tractors and SMEs around a strategic plan which is designed among all the companies and that the teams of the clusters turn into innovative and cooperative high-impact projects.

With the creation of this seal of excellence, ”Bond Spain Cluster”, Spain follows the path marked by the European Commission to boost industrial activity, through clusters, reinforcing its commitment to make possible the digital transformation in Spain.

For more information: www.spainclusterbond.es