3 November 2016

The Galician Automotive Cluster (CEAGA) will participate, next November 15th, with the Galician Government, in the IV International Congress of Clusters in San Sebastián.

This Congress, organized by the Spanish Federation of Clusters (Clusters.es), which CEAGA holds the vice presidency, will also has the Minetur interventions, the Basque Government and the main cluster organizations in the nationally and internationally level.

CEAGA and the Galician Government will participate in a paragraph reflection, based on experiences, on the correlation between RIS3 and clusters strategy, emphasizing the development of the Sector, economic growth of our territory, the key infrastructure, development talent, etc.

The overall objective of this conference, whose previous edition was held in Santiago de Compostela, is to promote the development of excellence of the AEIs and clusters by providing an update on its political, economic and social context information, as well as opportunities for creation or strengthening of relations among them.