29 September 2021

CEAGA and other seven national automotive clusters have come together to launch the project “Industry 4.0: Interregional transfer of digital enablers between companies in the automotive sector that allows the generation of tractor projects.” The objective of this initiative, supported by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism in the framework of the AEIS 2021, is to know the transformation process of different companies associated with the clusters in order to share knowledge and evaluate the possibility of launching tractor projects that are transversal to the entire industry and to all territories.

Within the framework of this project, different sessions are being held to share success stories under the title “4.0 Excellence Forum for automotive clusters”. The first of these sessions was held yesterday, September 28th, and featured presentations by the companies Iveco Valladolid and SKF Tudela. The day was closed by Jordi Llinares, Deputy General Director for Industry Digitization and Collaborative Environments of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.

In total, there will be eight sessions, after which a report will be presented with the results obtained. The next meeting will be on October 19th and the companies KH Vives (Valencia) and Electroingenium (Zaragoza) will present their success stories.

In addition to CEAGA, in this project participate the automotive clusters of La Rioja, Valencia, Aragón, Catalonia, Castilla y León, Navarra and Cantabria.