Participantes en el proyecto Co-Gistics, durante la primera reunión en la ciudad griega de Tesalónica.
16 April 2014

CEAGA and the Galician Automotive Technological Centre, CTAG, participate in the European Project Co-Gistics, co-financed by the European Commission through the CIP Programme, that has as a main objective to contribute to the reduction of freight transport induced emissions and improve the logistics efficiency trough the new technologies.

The project, with the participation of 34 organizations from 7 European countries, was officially launched last January and celebrated its first meeting in Thessaloniki last February.

This is the first time that a European project is fully dedicated to deployment of cooperative services applied to logistics. Co-Gistics will integrate existing freight and transport systems with innovative solutions such as cooperative services and intelligent cargo. These services will stay in use after the end of the project and will be further developed by logistic distribution hubs for their future deployment.

The main objective of this project, which will finish in December 2016, is to implement, with the support of the fleet operators, service providers and public authorities, the following 5 services in 7 different cities (Arad, Bordeaux, Bilbao, Frankfurt, Thessaloniki, Trieste and Vigo):

– Intelligent parking and delivery areas
– Multimodal cargo
– CO2 emission estimation and monitoring
– Priority and Speed advice at intersections
– Eco-drive support