26 April 2022

CEAGA and 18 companies from the Galician Automotive Sector have launched five projects with the support of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. With the aim of promoting innovation and digitization in companies, more than 1 million euros have been mobilized to carry out projects related to cybersecurity, energy efficiency, maintenance 4.0, immersive training and additive manufacturing.

These initiatives, coordinated by CEAGA, involve consortiums made up of large companies, SMEs and startups and have been co-financed by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism through the line of aid for Innovative Business Groups (AEIs), in its 2021 call. The Cluster has obtained a 100% success rate, since, of the five projects submitted to this call, all have been approved by the Ministry.

The projects were managed through the CEAGA Projects Office, launched in 2021 with the support of the Galician Institute for Economic Promotion (Igape) to support companies in the preparation and presentation of projects to calls for regional, national and European aid.

The launch of these initiatives is an example of CEAGA’s ability to coordinate innovative projects that mobilize the entire Galician automotive ecosystem, from SMEs and startups to large companies, improving the competitiveness of the entire value chain.

The promoted projects are:

  • S4ENERGY: study, development and validation of an intelligent system for energy saving that allows possible leaks in a compressed air installation to be monitored in real time based on technologies such as the Internet of Things or Big Data.
  • SANTI: design, implementation and validation of an industrial cybersecurity system (Network Threat Security Analysis) that allows identifying threats and protecting an industrial environment.
  • OPTILINE3D: optimization of automatic assembly line elements by combining traditional technologies with plastic parts improved by additive manufacturing.
  • MANtenimiento 4.0 (MAN4.0): adaptation of modern artificial intelligence techniques to predictive and corrective maintenance processes for industrial facilities.
  • PDTInmersive: Plan for the Deployment of Immersive Technologies, such as Virtual or Augmented Reality, applied to virtualization of positions and innovation in operating processes.

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