8 May 2019

Yesterday was held in the Cluster facilities, the Waste Management in the automotive sector day, organized by the Xunta de Galicia in collaboration with CEAGA, which was attended by approximately 50 professionals from different companies in the sector.

The day was attended by the Deputy Director General of Waste in the Xunta de Galicia, Verónica Tellado Barcia, and it counted on the interventions of the Environmental Manager of the Vigo Centre of Groupe PSA, Rogelio Méndez, the Environmental Manager of ZF Vigo, Ángel González, the Environmental Manager of Plastic Omnium Equipamientos Exteriores, Alejandro Outeiral, the Head of Center at Metalimpex, Inés Cid, and the Project Manager at CEAGA, Borja Dapena.

This meeting was aimed at all companies in the Sector, with the objective of sharing good practices in waste management to increase operational efficiency, promote the implementation of a circular economy and reaffirm the commitment of the Sector to the environment.

During the session, the situation of waste management in Galicia and the Galician Industrial Residues Plan 2016-2022 (PRIGA) of the Xunta de Galicia were presented. In addition, the different speakers presented their experience in this field from the point of view of a vehicle manufacturer, a supplier company and a waste manager.

Among the main axes of the day, the challenges of the electric vehicle and how it is affecting waste management were discussed. In addition, different topics were addressed such as the need to create active working groups among all agents (manufacturers, suppliers, managers, universities, administrations), cost containment or the creation of a network of waste managers closer to companies.

This day is aligned with the third strategic plan of the Sector, P3CA, within the framework of the sustainability area, which is working to be leaders in sustainable development and energy efficiency.