Josef Oehmen con los participantes al Grupo de Reflexión sobre Lean.
26 April 2012

CEAGA Corporate University keeps on working to bring the best existing knowledge to Galicia. Thus, last April 20th a meeting among CEAGA member companies and Josef Oehmen, Lean Product Development expert at the MIT, took place at the “Hogar San Pelayo” building (Gota de Leche).

In this discussion group, gathered by 8 CEAGA companies, Oehmen raised the following topics:

– Lean change management
– Sponsorship and leadership in the Lean transformation
– Lean processes, practices and organizational structures
– Training and development of Lean skills
– Behavior, culture and employee commitment to the Lean
– Lean measuring systems

This Lean expert highlighted the great effort being done by Cluster companies in their Lean implementation, especially in their production processes. He also stressed the great work done by CEAGA and its concern for its main value: people.

Dr. Josef Oehmen is a researcher at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His main areas of interest focus on risk management and the Lean application to the management of engineering projects on a large scale, having received numerous prizes and awards for his research.

Before joining the MIT, Dr. Josef was the Director for Supply Chain Management at the ETH Center for Enterprise Sciences (BWI) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

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