2 October 2018

The Business Factory Auto Executive Committee (BFA) has selected 20 business projects to participate in the third edition of the BFA, which will start on October 15th (consolidation phase) and October 29th (acceleration).

At the Presidency of the BFA meeting, held on October 1, the list of 20 new projects invited to participate in the third edition was made public. The Presidency of the BFA formed by the Regional Minister of Economy, Employment and Industry, Francisco Conde; the Delegate of the Consortium of the Zona Franca de Vigo, David Regades; the Director of the Iberian Industrial Pole of Groupe PSA, Frédéric Puech and the President of CEAGA, Juan Antonio Lloves, also presented the diplomas to the projects that ended their activity in the second edition of the BFA.

The Committee selected, as guests to participate in the third acceleration program, the following projects:

• Dtview 3D. Several Companies spin-out de Soltec Ingenieros, OPF and freelance.
Development of virtual, augmented and mixed reality glasses, to take technicians to the interior of machines, processes, designs or factories with a high level of detail.
• Emdura. Spin-off of the University of Vigo and startup.
Integral service of hardening and finishing processes of high-quality steel parts and applies innovative techniques to reduce manufacturing costs and improve the product-service quality.
• Inmake Integra. Startup.
Development of an online platform that offers an integral service for the entire manufacturing process of prototypes, tools, or series through additive manufacturing.
• Liberiot. Spin-out from Inubo.
It allows the creation of private IoT infrastructures to deploy low cost wireless sensors powered by simple and programmable batteries.
• Mobocen. Startup.
Real-time monitoring system of hydraulic pumps to increase the useful life and decrease the maintenance cost.
• Private Network Ethereum and Integration with Docuten. Spin-out from Enxendra.
Creation of a sectoral, secure and private infrastructure network with the aim of decentralizing electronic signature solutions through a digital notary service.
• Autonomous Robot with Vision and Automatic Guidance System. Spin-out from Unimate Robótica.
Solution that combines a robot with a vision system, which allows you to position yourself in the workplace in a precise and safe way, with the technology of the AGVs, to move autonomously through the plant.
• SGS. Startup.
Development of an SGS system (Safety General Structure): a platform for electric vehicles that integrates a distributed frame, which improves current safety, cooling, lightness and comfort standards.
• Techeye. Spin-out from Inova Labs.

Development of an IoT platform for the capture, storage and processing of images and data of auxiliary sensors in the occurrence of defects, providing intelligence to the processes of quality control.
• VR-AR Meifus. Startup.
Creation of interactive virtual reality manuals, including augmented reality, for maintenance work on machines or industrial manufacturing cells from a single interface.

The consolidation phase for more mature projects will be attended by 7 companies from the second edition and 3 new ones that join the initiative. In total, this phase will count on the projects:

• Cin Advanced Systems Galicia. Spin-out from CIN Advanced Systems.
Measurement and detection of defects by artificial vision to guarantee the absence of faults in safety, aesthetic and functional parts, by means of conoscopic holography, to digitize complex surfaces quickly and accurately.
• Efimob EVCharge. Spin-out from Efimob Efficient Solutions.
Development of a vehicle recharging system that takes into account the energy consumed.
• Ezhire – On-Demand Car Delivered. Spin-out from Ezhire Technologies.
Vehicle rental platform without long procedures.
• IIÔR: Industrial Internet of Robots. Spin-out from Ledisson A&IT.
Enabler Technology of Internet of Things for robotic systems that allows to interconnect robots of any generation and any manufacturer on a common platform.
• Inprosec-Auto. Spin-out from Inprosec.
Integral service of industrial cybersecurity, from services of technical and organizational audit in the factory to the development of specific security services and products.
• Kaleido Automation Services. Spin-out of the Kaleido Group.
Development of a technology for the handling of goods in the supply chain without the need of any physical infrastructure.
• Muutech Monitoring Solutions. Startup.
Distributed monitoring software platform, whose main mission is the collection and real-time visualization of data from automatons, robots, sensors, databases, servers, network equipment and communications.
• Norlean Manufacturing & Productividad S.L. Several Companies spin-out from Soltec Engineers and OPF.
Creation of a unified value proposition based on Lean methodology, business experience and technology to maximize efficiency and improve productivity.
• Simaxsu. Startup.
Development of a mixed clamping system for the movement of parts (assembly lines, transfer on presses, etc.), based on magnetic technology and additive manufacturing.
• Wearhealth. Spin-out from Wearhealth UG.
Intelligent and interoperable platform based on artificial intelligence and IoT data, which improves productivity, worker safety and task monitoring.

This third edition will be the most international. Of the 20 projects selected, there is one from Dubai (Ezhire), which consists of a car sharing platform and another of Germany (Wearhealth) on artificial intelligence. In addition, outside the Galician community, a Basque Country project (CIN) will participate in the detection of defects.

The balance of the BFA initiative is being very positive after two editions already finished and one about to start. 22 companies have been created (plus 13 new ones in this third edition) and more than 150 jobs, with a turnover of 10 million euros (scheduled for the end of the year). In addition, gaps have been filled in the value chain of the Sector, mainly related to digitization or Industry 4.0, and talent and innovation have been generated in our Community.

In this third edition there has been a record of participation, with 62 projects from 9 different countries (Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Taiwan and Dubai), all of them related to digital transformation.