2 October 2017

The Business Factory Auto Executive Committee (BFA) has selected 20 business projects to participate in the new edition of BFA, which will start on October 16th (consolidation phase) and November 6th (acceleration).

The Committee, composed of representatives of the Galician Government, the Consortium of the Vigo Free Zone, the PSA Group and CEAGA, selected the following projects as guests to participate in its second acceleration program:

▪ Cybersecure car. Spin-out from the Emetel group. Project about cybersecurity in processes and / or product.
▪ Efimob EVCharge. Spin-out from Efimob Efficient Solutions. Development of a vehicle recharging system that takes into account the energy consumed.
▪ Global Galician Parking 2017. Startup. Development of a detection system of free parking, designed to work both indoors and on public roads.
▪ Industrial Internet of Robots (IIoR). Spin-out from Ledisson A&IT. Enabler Technology of Internet of Things for robotic systems that allows to interconnect robots of any generation and any manufacturer on a common platform.
▪ Kaleido Robotics. Spin-out of the Kaleido Group. Development of a technology for the handling of goods in the supply chain without the need of any physical infrastructure.
▪ Lightnosis. Startup. Use of visible light communication (VLC) technology in vehicles or facilities to transmit data.
▪ Norlean. Startup. Creation of a unified value proposition based on Lean methodology, business experience and technology to maximize efficiency and improve productivity.
▪ Simaxsu. Startup. Development of a mixed clamping system for the movement of parts (assembly lines, transfer on presses, etc.), based on magnetic technology and additive manufacturing.
▪ Monitoring solutions in the automotive industry. Startup. Distributed monitoring software platform, whose main mission is the collection and real-time visualization of data from automatons, robots, sensors, databases, servers, network equipment and communications.
▪ 3D Vision Applied Technology. Spin-out from Simaupro Galicia. Design and manufacture of machines and solutions based on 3D artificial vision.

As a novelty, this year a consolidation phase is launched for more mature projects, which will be attended by 7 companies from the first edition and 3 new ones that join the initiative. In total, this phase will count on the projects:

▪ CABB. Spin-out of the Cablerías Group. Development of electrical architecture of shaped power, optimized for electric vehicles.
▪ Flythings. Spin-off from ITG. Platform-tool software facilitating the implementation of the Internet of Things to address the acquisition, analysis and exploitation of large volumes of data.
▪ Help Flash. Startup. Development of a light device that allows to sign a vehicle stopped in the road without having to leave it.
▪ Humat Cobotics. Spin-out from Ledisson A&IT. It provides industrial applications 4.0, using collaborative robotics with other technologies.
▪ Lupeon. Startup. Project focused on the structural optimization and reduction of weight of robotic claws, developing innovative solutions of multipurpose claws and new designs of flanges and grippers with topological designs that facilitate their integration in robots.
▪ Merasys 4.1. Startup. It integrates advanced sensory technology for the detection of defects with a sustainable cost that is currently adaptable to the environment.
▪ Retrofitting and Process Reengineering. Startup. It integrates technology for the improvement and automation of existing production and logistics lines based on electromechanical automatisms, automata, robots and artificial vision for the improvement of productivity and efficiency of the process.
▪ Situm. Spin-off of the University of Santiago de Compostela. Indoor location platform capable of achieving maximum precision with the minimum infrastructure required and the fastest deployment.
▪ Teixo EC Automoción. Spin-out of Teimas. Development of an information system for the control and management of waste production in companies of the Sector.
▪ VMS Automotive. Spin-out of the Marsan Group. Development of a 100% electric three-wheeled motorcycle. It also incorporates a novel patented system of damping and balancing whose purpose is to allow greater stability of the vehicle.

The 20 new projects invited to participate in this second edition will help to complete the value chain of the Galician Automotive Sector in the field of Industry 4.0 or digital transformation.