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Main value chain Tier 3
Auxiliary value chain
Company description

Bionix’s mission is to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of companies through the digitization of its supply chain, the automation of its logistics processes and the total traceability of stock, from origin to point of sale. It combines RFID technology with IoT and Artificial Intelligence to create a network with all connected items.

Products and services
The Bionix solution is aimed at improving the productivity, efficiency and sustainability of automotive companies through the traceability of parts and/or containers.

Auxiliary services

  • Automation and robotics
  • Logistics and transport
In addition, the Bionix solution also allows the automation of logistics processes and the traceability of all the company's stock.
Processes and technologies
Manufacture of electronic equipment and software, as well as an anechoic chamber for measuring the performance of RFID tags.
Address and phone

Polígono Pocomaco, Avda 1 N44, Parcela B3 Nave F
15190 A Coruña
Phone: 881 027 296

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