23 March 2020

CEAGA has coordinated an initiative for the manufacture of medical equipment to help hospital centers combat the coronavirus, which has been applauded at national and European level. Thanks to the Cluster’s contribution, three companies participating in the Business Factory Auto accelerator, Lupeon, Nort3D and Inmake, will be able to jointly manufacture 900 disposable respirator valves every 10 hours.

This project arises from the European Clusters Alliance, which leads the National Federation of Clusters, chaired by Antonio Novo. This alliance, which represents 700 cluster organizations with more than 122 million jobs, made available to the European Commission all its means to respond to the call of around 25,000 ventilators to deal with the coronavirus.

In a few hours, CEAGA and the BFA mobilized companies that could help in this area. Lupeon, Nort3D and Inmake, specialized in 3D printing, showed support and intention to collaborate from the first moment. These three competing companies shared resources to quickly assemble prototypes of disposable valves for respirators, automatic respirators, and protection systems. CEAGA also promised to inject funds to purchase the materials that companies need for the manufacturing process, which they carry out on a non-profit basis.

In order to request validation, CEAGA presented this project to the Xunta de Galicia, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and the European Commission, participating in various meetings with different representatives, including the Head of the Advanced Technologies Unit, Clusters and Social Economy, Ulla Engelmann.

At these meetings, both the European Clusters Alliance and the National Federation of Clusters have highlighted CEAGA and the BFA as an example of good practice and have valued their role in solidarity to face, together, a crisis that is affecting global.

In recent days, the Cluster has also coordinated an initiative with companies in the Galician Automotive Sector to collect personal protective equipment (glasses, masks, etc.), which have already been made available to the appropriate authorities for distribution to health centers.