11 March 2020

CEAGA has created a working group to share good practices with the fundamental objective of preserving the health of workers before the advance of the coronavirus.

Yesterday the first meeting took place, where more than 40 professionals from the Sector participated, mainly in online mode, where shared the different protocols that CEAGA companies are following in order to guarantee employee safety and plans of contingency were also shared so that the crisis affects as little as possible the productive activity.

Among the next steps that this group will carry out, it was agreed to hold periodic meetings, initially on a weekly basis, to continue analyzing the evolution of the situation and increase the level of business collaboration in this important matter.

Faced with this health crisis, the Sector is committed, once again, for unity and collaboration, sharing good practices. The companies that have provided more information are the multinationals that have very worked and restrictive protocols for the protection of their workers.

CEAGA brings together 100% of the companies in the Galician automotive industry with the aim of promoting collaborative projects designed by the Sector within the framework of the P3CA.